Japanese Long-eared Bat at Southern Miyagi

March 22, 2020

I went to hand-dug tunnel to count Bat with four other members.
Since the tunnel is so long(5-6km), we seperated into two teams and my team check the half downstream side of the tunnel(about 3km).

Result of our team’s count is
Greater Horseshoe Bat 720
Japanese Little Horseshoe Bat 64
Eastern Bent-winged Bat 1
Hilgendorf’s Tube-nosed Bat 1
Japanese Long-eared Bat 1

I forgot the other team’s result but maybe they count 1500-2000 of Eastern Bent-winged Bats.

Some Greater Horseshoe Bats are hanging in dots.

Among them, I found something cute looks like “Tokyo Banana”  a famous confectionary in Tokyo.

It is Japanese Long-eared Bat.

Partially bleached individual.
He is still half sleeping.

He is pale mottled indivisual. So cute color!

I caught a IWANA char in a small stream at the exit of this tunnel.

Beautiful “IWANA” Char.



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